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Mariah’s journey began in the skies on the back of a dragon in a strange and weird world far away - that is the weird world of her mind as she day dreamed of the mystical lands that she read about in her fantasy books as a child. She was attracted to these fictional and myth driven books that contained fantastical worlds which allowed her to view the possibilities of more than the “real” and tangible.  She’s transitioned from just reading about these fantasies to creating her own through paintings and sculptures, though she didn’t get there right away. By the time she graduated High School Mariah had taken every class she could that allowed her to create something, from ceramics, woodworking, baking and architectural drafting the arts were always a part of her life. But her true passion was always in mythical beasts and dreams of soaring dragons.
After several Major changes studying at Utah Valley University Mariah is nearing the completion of her Bachelors Degree in Art and Design, allowing her to further explore the mythos she’s only read and dreamed about. She’s had lucky opportunities to work with professional stone sculptors and has had the unique experience of picking the minds of bronze artists through her work at a Fine Art Foundry. Now Mariah is focusing towards her future as - she hopes - a successful gallery artist.

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Mariah currently work at Baer Bronze Fine Art Foundry, its allowed her to make connections with professional artists and have access to quality materials and equipment to further her own work

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